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Auxiliary and drive tools, equipment choice

Приводной инструмент Heimatec

Company Heimatec (Germany) - the manufacturer of precision drive holders for the installation of a rotating tool for turning and milling machines with numerical control.

CompanyHeimatec was founded in 1987 in Renchen, Germany. In 1992, the company's specialists released the first drive head. Today, Heimatec is a company with offices in 45 countries, which produces a huge range of stationary driving auxiliary turning tools, these are tool holders according to VDI and BMT standards for metal cutting machines of all world manufacturers; axial and angular drilling and milling heads; quick-change modular tool systems; multi-spindle drilling heads, as well as a special tool according to customer requirements. The company has its own research and development base, which allows us to produce modern products of the highest quality.

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The production program of the company, in addition to standard drive holders, includes a wide range of special drive holders, in sizes agreed with the customer. The use of drive holders with a rotating tool makes it possible to significantly improve the efficiency of machine use and to expand the technological capabilities of equipment. In the standard program - a tool for machine tools Hwacheon, Mori Seiki, HAAS, Goodway, EMCO, Doosan, Hurco, Okuma, Spinner and many others.



Auxiliary and drive tool, the choice of equipment.








Any toolholder "Heimatec" can be ordered in a version with a modular system.


System Easy Quick HT (Germany)
Cylindrical shank, fit on the cylinder and the end. The moment transfer by means of a pin mounted on the mating plane of the stop end of the shank, there is a counter opening on the end face of the drive unit. Mounting with a side screw into the tapered hole (Wohlhaupter mount).


- Unification, different types of tool holders can be installed in one head.
- Simple and reliable system. The modules are replaced without removing the head from the machine.
- Centering on the cylinder guarantees high accuracy of the connection.
- The simplicity of the design makes it possible to achieve high accuracy in the manufacture of liners on universal equipment, which allows, if necessary, to manufacture the modules independently in the conditions of the tool section.


Система U-Tec (Germany)

Planting on a cone, the dimensions of which correspond to the cones used in the collet system ER (DIN 6499).
- In the head spindle with the U-Tec system, modules with different types of tool holders and ER collets with the same name can be installed.
- Fixing the shank with a threaded ring, it is also a "nut" and serves to extract the module from the head spindle.
- Transmission of the moment due to frictional forces and three bales on the cylindrical part of the shank. The principle of fastening modules and the transfer of torque are the same as in the collet chucks ER.
- Installation and dismantling is carried out using two keys, one holds the module from the gate, the second is fastened / detached.



Mounting the drive corner unit onto the milling machine


Milling of the cogwheel by means of a drive unit and a worm cutter


Polygonal turning of hexagon with drive head


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